Products & Services

1. Graphic Design:
You will no longer waste considerable time looking for a designer or worry about performing graphic design projects prior to printing. At LPH we provide comprehensive internal graphic design services that equally supersede the capability of any competent marketing company. Our dedicated team is keen to understand your business identity and visual requirements to project them creatively onto your graphic design projects.

2. Proofing:
Nothing is more comforting for our clients than providing them a sample proof prior to printing. At LPH it is crucial for us to attain zero defect products; we ensure every sample exactly matches our clients’ requirements to provide intact final products.

3. Pre-Press:
Impeccable printing quality starts with outperforming the pre-press stage:
At LPH we employ a top quality 

CTP (Computer to Plate) pre-press machine that directly transfers the printing data from computer to plate which ensures a faultless printing design. Keen to ensure an exact color resolution and density (dpi), we employ a special densitometer to further control this phase.

4. Offset Printing:
At LPH, there is no better guaranteed printing quality than machining a state of the art high-tech 1 to 5 colors Heidelberg printer. We provide printing

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services for up to 70*100cm format with paper thickness ranging from 40grs up to 500grs. Rich and bright colors are ensured by carefully selecting the best in the market printing ink and varnish for conventional printing and UV. The whole printing process is quality controlled by usage of a special densitometer in order to ensure specifications are met.
5. Post Press:
At LPH, post press stage and final touches are given similar importance and delicacy. We ensure the following stages are comprehensively performed:
• Letter Press (1 Color Emboss, Deboss, Hot Stamp)
• UV Spot
• Numbering
• Lamination
• Cutting
• Die Cutting
• Folding
• Sewing
• Spiral
• Stitching
• Perforation
• Binding
• High quality binding